AJEPAD Asbl is made up of 3 categories of members

Our beneficiaries are mainly young people and all other persons : vulnerable people, children and people living with disabilities, raped women/girls, children born of prostitution, widows/widowers, old people, orphans, street children, unaccompanied children, children with nutritional deficiencies, children from armed groups

Examples of some of the activities carried out : training and sensitization in different areas or themes on the promotion and protection of human rights, on cohabitation and peaceful resolution of disputes, on reproductive health, on the preservation of the environment, vocational training in cutting and sewing and carpentry, to both youth and adults.

Founding Members
Founding members
Les Membres effectifs
Effective members
Membres Sympathisants ou d’honneur
Sympathizing or honorary members

Activities Carried Out

Capacity building of AJEPAD members on survey and animation techniques
Training of AJEPAD members on CBR/CBR or on the care of disabled people and on human rights in general
Identification of vulnerable people in the city of Baraka
Identification of people living with disabilities in the city of Baraka
Training in cutting and sewing for young girls in the city of Baraka
Sensitization of young people on cohabitation and peaceful conflict resolution
Participation in the training on the rice platform, organized by RIKOLTO in Baraka
Training of farmers on new agricultural techniques and multiplication of improved seeds, RICE sector with the support of RIKOLTO in the project PICAGEL
Multiplication of improved seeds, cassava sector
Sensitization of young girls on menstrual hygiene and reproductive health
Training for young people and women on the creation and management of SMEs
Sensitization of young people and women on the preservation of the environment
Young woman in training
Young person in training
Young person in the process of studying
Jeune homme handicapé en formation

Planned or Scheduled Activities

Discover the types of training and support offered by AJEPAD :

Organize trainings and sensitizations in human rights, in administrative and financial management or domestic economy, in languages, in NTIC, in food security, in environmental preservation, in entrepreneurship, in peaceful management of disputes, in fishing and breeding, in water/hygiene and sanitation, in non-violence, in child protection,...
Care for vulnerable people : disabled, orphans, elderly women and men, widows and widowers, unaccompanied children, children from prostitution, demobilized children or children from armed groups;
Organize training on menstrual hygiene, reproductive health for young girls and women and the manufacture of sanitary napkins
Implement sustainable development projects : construction and development of school or educational, road, commercial, health and professional infrastructures, etc.
Relaunch the agriculture of manioc, rice, vegetables, soybeans, etc.