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The Association of Active Youth for Peace and Development, “AJEPAD ASBL” is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 under the initiative of Mr. IMANI MCHIMBWA and MASHAKA RASHIDI Doctor and others who joined them to face the multiple challenges caused by multiple wars that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has experienced since 1996 to the present.

The consequences are drastic on the socio-economic, environmental, cultural, educational and political levels, such as increased thatching, human rights violations, sexual and gender-based violence…

AJEPAD brings together dedicated Congolese youth involved in social change or life transformation to interact, learn and collaborate in new, creative and easy ways.

Advocacy for Youth
Youth Advocacy
Harmonious training of young people

Harmonious training of youth

Promoting peace and sustainable development

Promoting peace and sustainable development

Our Objectives

The global objective or Mission of AJEPAD

Our mission is to contribute to the harmonious training or supervision of Congolese youth, so that they can be useful to themselves and to society, capable of promoting peace and the development of the Congolese Nation.The youth are the hope of a happy future! Let’s give them the hope of education or training and invest in their happy future so that they contribute positively to community development.

Official launch of the IEA organization

Missions and specific objectives

In striving to collaborate, cooperate and dialogue with Donors, Governments, Specialized Agencies, Foundations or national, local, international NGOs, Private or Public Sectors, Peace Movements, all Men and Women of good will with the aim of establishing peace and sustainable development in the Territory of FIZI in particular and throughout the DRC in general; AJEPAD Asbl has set itself the following specific ends or objectives :

To train and inform the youth on the promotion of peace, solidarity, reconciliation and sustainable development
Fight against sexual and gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS, STIs, tuberculosis, diabetes and leprosy
Facilitate communication within the community
Ensure the professional security of people and property of enterprises
Promote food security
Implement the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program
Train youth on Income Generating Activities and creation of SMEs
Establish basic infrastructure (educational, health, sports, etc.)
Ensure the training of AJEPAD members for capacity building and exchange of experience
To set up community development projects (education, water, hygiene and sanitation...)
Encourage, support and sustain activities that allow for cohabitation and peaceful conflict management
Promote the protection of the environment
Develop a culture of rights, protection of children and women
Fight against child malnutrition
Fight against the consumption of alcoholic beverages, hemp and other toxic and harmful to human health
Facilitate through the media, communication within the community (training, inform and entertain)
Promote human rights in general and the protection of vulnerable people in particular and education for all

Vision - Quote - Our values

Since youth is the hope of humanity, a well-prepared youth is the foundation for the development of a prosperous society.

We aim for a healthy, useful, active, capable and engaged youth in the community.




Areas of action

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

To improve the living conditions of children, youth, women or people living with
disabilities and their dependents, by giving them back the taste and the concrete possibility to develop their social relationships, by promoting an equitable access to all services (jobs, housing, education, sports, culture) as well as their involvement in local life by ensuring their participation and inclusion in society through strategies of prevention, care and
reintegration into the workplace and socio-cultural and legal.

Food security

In this area, AJEPAD plans to combat child malnutrition and hunger in general by establishing technical support mechanisms for farmers, fishermen and livestock breeders to increase productivity. Training on the respect of the agricultural calendar, on breeding and modern fishing will be organized; the multiplication and distribution of improved seeds and the rehabilitation of agricultural feeder roads for the flow of agricultural products; the construction of depots; the defense of the rights of farmers and breeders.


Young people are the hope for a happy future! Let us give them the hope of education or training and invest in their happy future. The action here will be to promote the education of children and young people by : taking charge of their schooling (children born of prostitution, orphans) and adult literacy, building and supporting school supplies and office furniture in normal schools and specialized schools; setting up CRS; training and sensitization on human rights, leadership, non-violence, democracy, citizen education, peace, good governance and NTIC.

Social advancement

In this regard, AJEPAD will contribute to the improvement of living conditions of people of all categories (people living with disabilities, children born of prostitution, orphans, victims of sexual and gender-based violence, the elderly, children from armed groups, prisoners …) through the construction of accommodation centers, training and psycho-social care, shelters.

Environment, peace and sustainable development

We aim at the cohabitation and peaceful management of conflicts, the protection and restoration of the environment; the preservation of sustainable peace as well as the socio-economic development are of great importance in this perspective. This will only be possible through sensitization, capacity building trainings on the good management and protection of the ecosystem (biodiversity), on the creation and management of their own SMEs, IGAs through vocational training.


Where we aim to contribute to the improvement of the health conditions of the population in general and the youth in particular, through sensitization and training on the prevention and fight against water-borne diseases, malaria, STIs and HIV/AIDS, leprosy, TB and on voluntary screening, on waste management, hygiene and sanitation; on reproductive health. Refer SGBV victims to appropriate health centers; develop the WASH program.

Professional security

AJEPAD’s main objective is to meet the security needs of companies and businesses, which has led to the creation of a security company; the organization of training courses on professional security; and the establishment of partnerships with various partners for security services.


Facilitate communication within local communities at the national and international levels through the creation of community radio stations, training in journalism and the provision of journalistic materials to local radio stations.

Mines and energies

At this point, AJEPAD aims to contribute to the improvement of the system of exploitation of the various natural and energy resources by the establishment of a service of detection of various natural resources; the orientation of the operators to the concerned services; Sensibilizations on the use of the miners in the mining; to make micro- dams for the rural electrification.


On this subject, the action of AJEPAD is to eradicate the unemployment of young people and women and the population in general by initiating the population on the self-employment or on the creation of their own companies which will enable them to develop the little means that it holds, and that, by professional trainings and on the management of SME, but also on the creation and management of the IGA, the granting of micro-credits. To set up the system of rotating credits.


AJEPAD will carry out actions on the establishment and improvement of basic infrastructure, through the construction of schools, health centers, bridges, latrines, markets and other structures; the rehabilitation of agricultural feeder roads. The construction of cultural, sports and leisure spaces for youth and children.