Our partners, volunteers and beneficiaries

Advocacy for Youth
Defense of the rights of young people
Harmonious training of young people
Harmonious formation of youth
Promoting peace and sustainable development
Promote peace and sustainable development

AJEPAD in numbers

We currently have several volunteer members and beneficiaries


Members, beneficiaries and example of activities

The main activities of AJEPAD can be summarized as follows :

Training and sensitization in different fields or themes on the promotion and protection of human rights
Training and sensitization on cohabitation and peaceful resolution of disputes
Training and sensitization on reproductive health
Training and sensitization on the preservation of the environment
Vocational training in cutting and sewing and carpentry

Human rights




Professionalization training


Territory of Fizi, City of Baraka, Province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Phone numbers

(+243) 817893519

Are you interested ?

We are actively seeking partners

If you feel in your heart that you need to help others. You can turn to us, we will be delighted to count you among our partners.

We invite donors and partners

In order to extend our activity in other regions and to mentor as many young people as possible in different areas. We invite donors to invest in the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo.